[MonoDevelop] Build MonoDevelop in MonoDevelop?

Justin Malcolm malcolm.justin at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 01:58:02 EST 2010

Is it possible to build MonoDevelop in MonoDevelop on Windows?  I downloaded
the source for 2.2 but it looks like I would need to use 'make' under a
Unix-like environment to compile it.  Are there tips or instructions for
building it in the IDE or using xbuild or anything similar?

Alternatively, is it possible to build MonoDevelop in VisualStudio or
SharpDevelop?  If so, does it really need .NET 3.5 or can I build it in 2.0?

I have MonoDevelop 2.2 beta 2 running on a Windows 2000 system that does not
support .NET 3.5.  I also have Mono on this system and would like to
build MonoDevelop to run on top of Mono instead of .NET.

I am currently running the MonoDevelop build for .NET 3.5 on top of .NET 2.0
with the Mono System.Core.dll (in the MonoDevelop directory).  This works
but I would really rather build MonoDevelop on top of Mono instead.
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