[MonoDevelop] C# 4.0 Support

Marek Safar marek.safar at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 04:45:10 EST 2010

> OK, that was part of the problem.  I figured since I have my default
> solution, Edit -> Preferences -> Load/Save -> MSBuild (Visual Studio 2010)
> and the default runtime set to Mono 2.7, that it would create the projects
> with the runtime version of Mono/.NET 4.0.  Instead, it was creating the
> project with Mono/.NET 3.5.
> That fixed finding the namespace System.Dynamic, but now it can't find
> System.Dynamic.DynamicObject.  Running the dmcs command on the terminal
> gives the same error:
> /opt/mono/bin/dmcs /noconfig
> "/out:/home/dragan/Projects/Test/DynamicTest/bin/Debug/DynamicTest.exe"
> "/r:System.dll" "/r:System.Dynamic.dll" /nologo /warn:4 /debug:+ /debug:full
> /optimize- /codepage:utf8 /platform:x86 "/define:DEBUG" 
> /main:DynamicTest.MainClass /t:exe
> "/home/dragan/Projects/Test/DynamicTest/Main.cs"
> "/home/dragan/Projects/Test/DynamicTest/AssemblyInfo.cs"
You are missing System.Core and Microsoft.CSharp assembly references.


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