[MonoDevelop] CSharp vs CSharpBinding namespace

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Sat Feb 6 02:00:52 EST 2010


Looks like the reference to CSharpBinding is not set - would help if you
could send me the project.

btw. the FSharpBinding should not reference the c# binding - why should
it ?


> [Task:File=/home/vasili/Projects/FSharpBinding/FSharpBinding/FSharpBinding.cs,
> Line=48, Column=19, Type=Error, Priority=Normal, Description=The type
> or namespace name `CSharp' does not exist in the namespace
> `MonoDevelop'. Are you missing an assembly reference?(CS0234)]
> using MonoDevelop.CSharp.Parser;
> using MonoDevelop.CSharp.Dom;
> using MonoDevelop.CSharp.Formatting;
> using MonoDevelop.CSharp.Refactoring;
> using MonoDevelop.CSharp.Project;
> When I set up references CSharpBinding is the only choice! If I change
> the above namespace includes to CSharpBinding, I get the same type
> error except CSharpBinding is mentioned. Any ideas what is wrong?
> Thanks,
> Vasili
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