[MonoDevelop] Assembly Browser not working

Sylvain Chamberland gentx2 at courira.ca
Thu Dec 30 15:05:55 EST 2010

Le mercredi 29 décembre 2010 13:29:34, djahma a écrit :
> ok, so I've returned to the install that gave me the GnomePlatform error. I
> reinstalled mono with --prefix=/usr/local. I installed gnome-sharp,
> gnome-desktop-sharp, gtk-sharp, mono-2.8 and eventually monodevelop.
> Still, when I start monodevelop, the last line on the console is about
> monodevelop not being able to load gnome-sharp. I click 'yes' to continue
> loading monodevelop and it opens fine. The AssemblyBrowser works fine too.
> The only glitch is when I run a console project using an external console:
> Monodevelop can't open it to show the output. Everything else seems to work
> as it should.

I think this problem comes from having more than one version of mono. On my 
Kubuntu 10.10 machine, I have the Mono 2.6.7 version from the repositories and 
I installed mono 2.8.1 and Monodevelop 2.4.1 in /opt/mono as recommended on 
the mono web site: 


Monodevelop 2.4.1 works in my case, including the assembly browser.

In fact, I followed the instructions in this post from Nathan Bridgewater:


I modified the script to install 2.8.1 instead of 2.8, and I also installed all 
Monodevelop's dependencies that were updated when mono 2.8 or 2.8.1 were 
released, but not those that were not changed when mono 2.8 was released. 
Check the sources and compare with the packages installed by the repositories:


Note that Nathan updated the script to install 2.8.1, but you still need to 
add the dependencies:


Note that it didn't work quite out of the box. See my comment on Nathan's blog 
(50th comment, on December 3):


environment variables will fix your problem. They will allow you to use some 
dependencies that are already installed (e.g. gtk-sharp) with those you 
compiled and installed.

Sylvain Chamberland

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