[MonoDevelop] Formatting text: change pasted / open document formatting?

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Sun Dec 19 09:38:38 EST 2010

Any reason? As was suggested, if you could have a "user's formatting 
policy" and a "project formatting policy" then users could see code in a 
way that they like, while the actual stored code would be consistent 
across commits.

Most people get around the issue by decreeing a specific format, but the 
two re-formats would give you an equivalent of saving an abstract code 
tree so that formatting preferences don't matter.

On 19/12/10 14:35, Robert Jordan wrote:
> On 18.12.2010 21:48, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> Hi all, Monodevelop newbie here. When opening Visual C# code in
>> Monodevelop 2.4 in Kubuntu 10.10 (yes, I know that I cannot build
>> Visual C# in this environment), the code formatting is displayed
>> exactly how the file was written, not as I have set my preferences for
>> in Edit ->   Default Policies. I have looked everywhere for an option to
>> reformat on open/paste but I cannot find such an option. Does this
>> option exist, or should I file a feature request? Visual Studio has
>> this terrific feature and it allows coders with differing indentation
>> preferences to work on file together comfortably (we normalise for
>> diffs).
> I hope that such an option will never find its way into MonoDevelop :)
> Robert
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