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Georgi Baychev georgi.baychev at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 04:27:52 EST 2010

Yeah, I noticed the call to SHAddToRecentDocs. As for the implementation
of the P/Invokes, it is a fine opportunity for me to learn something new,
so I will try to make a class library, but only with the needed APIs for 
jump lists, overlays and progress bar, not fully fledged like the API code
pack. By the why I thought the platform service was the exact place where
these pieces belong :). I will write again as soon as I have something

Georgi Baychev

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On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 3:06 PM, Georgi Baychev
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> is anyone currently working on the Jump Lists on the win platform?

I looked at it a while back, but when I looked for wrapper libraries
for the new taskbar APIs, I did not find one with a suitable license,
so I fear is will be necessary to reimplement the necessary P/Invokes
cleanly. However, I did alter MD's Recent Files code so that it would
invoke the Windows SHAddtoRecentDocs API, which lets Windows track the
items in the jump list.

Another nice thing to do in this area would be to track the build
progress bar on the taskbar, and "badge" overlays and messages. These
could be defined on the platform service and implemented for Mac too.
The following Eclipse bug may be useful:

> If not, I would like to give it a shot and please, be a little more
> on what needs to be done - only solutions should be added to the jump
> what user tasks besides to 'create a new solution' will be needed, etc. Or
> do I have a complete freedom?

I'm not sure exactly what items would be good here - as you say,
Create Solution would be useful, and so would restricting the recent
items list to only show solutions. Another useful thing would be to
have the MD recent projects list in the welcome page reflect the
pinning and removing of item in the jump list. Or perhaps like Google
Chrome we could make a distinction between "most recent" and "most

> I would like also to ask where can I see an updated list of the tasks that
> need work, because the stuff on the monodevelop site seems a bit outdated
> me.

There's the TODO list: http://monodevelop.com/Developers/TODO

Bug and smaller enhancement requests are tracked on Bugzilla:

> Regards,
> Georgi Baychev
> P.S. By the way, because I don't have much experience overall, expect a
> of stupid questions.

That's fine, MD's a big codebase and it's better to ask than to
re-implement something we already have :)

Michael Hutchinson

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