[MonoDevelop] MonoDevelop source editor slow

Mark Shimonek shimonek at att.net
Wed Dec 15 19:34:32 EST 2010

Thanks for the suggestion Stephen.  I have semantic highlighting disabled but it 
doesn't make a difference.  I actually tried disabling anything I could find 
having to do with the text editor but the problem remains.

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On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 19:54, Mark Shimonek <shimonek at att.net> wrote:
> I am having a problem where the source editor for my MainWindow slows to a
> crawl.  When this happens it takes several seconds to type a character.
> Highlighting text causes system utilization to go up to around 70% and stay
> there for several seconds, depending on how much text I try to highlight.
> It seems like the problem may somehow be related to the GUI editor.  If I
> close the editor and then right-click on my source file and select Open
> With... Source Code Editor everything works normally.  I can edit or
> highlight text fine but I cannot access the GUI editor.  I had been getting
> by by creating a new blank source file and pasting my code into it whenever
> the problem would occur but that is not working any more.  Now, as soon as I
> open the file with the GUI editor the problem occurs.
> I am running version 2.4 on Ubuntu 10.10 (default install).  10.04 did the
> same thing.
> My project is a C# project using the Stetic GUI designer.

This sounds like something I've been running into.  I had to disable
semantic highlighting.

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