[MonoDevelop] nunit add-in. does it support nunit extensions/addin.

Lluis Sanchez Gual slluis.devel at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 05:37:07 EST 2010

El dl 13 de 12 de 2010 a les 08:23 -0800, en/na Charlie Poole va
> Hi Lluis,
> > MonoDevelop has its own copy of nunit, which doesn't include any add-in
> > or extension. It would be nice to be able to publish nunit add-ins as
> > MonoDevelop add-ins, but I don't think that's currently possible, since
> > nunit relies on add-in assemblies to be placed in a specific directory,
> > and MonoDevelop can't do it.
> NUnit requires add-ins to be in a specific location relative to it's own
> assemblies, so this would probably be simple enough to deal with
> if you're willing to use such a directory. Otherwise, it would be a
> simple enough patch to have it look for addins relative to the
> location of the monodevelop nunit addin.

This won't work if we want to support installation of add-ins from an
add-in repo, because the location of the MD nunit add-in won't be
writable (in normal setups). The only way we could support installing
add-ins is if nunit supported looking for add-ins in a provided list of

> That said, I'm sure there are lots of other things that need to be
> done and one of the goals of NUnit 3.0 - still without a projected
> release date - is to permit easier incorporation of NUnit and its
> addins into other programs. This is happening in two ways:
> 1. Some extensions won't need to be addins at all. There's a
> simpler model using inheritance for many framework-only
> extensions.
> 2. Where a true addin is needed, we plan to use Mono.Addins.
> Given the above, you may want to do without nunit addins for
> now, waiting for 3.0.

This certainly will simplify things a lot and opens a world of
possibilities :)


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