[MonoDevelop] Version Control UI

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Wed Aug 18 01:53:47 EDT 2010

> VS does a split view for Winforms but not for anything else, so I very
> much doubt it's a technical limitation. Winforms is essentially a
> legacy designer - it used to store the GUI definition in a folded
> method *in* the code file, so the combined view actually made sense
> for that.
Thats right, but thats still the model - you design one class. The 
ASP.NET model is different. You've a web page where you can embed source 
code - but you can choose to put that source code in another file. But 
you've still the web page to edit and you've the source code. Both files 
can't be done 100% with a designer. In the case of our forms this isn't 
true. We've only the source code to edit.

> The more modern GUI editors in VS -- XAML, ASP.NET etc -- all have a
> concept of "codebehind" being distinct from the GUI definition, even
> though they also generate designer code. IMO the grouping works very
> well for these, and I don't see why it wouldn't work just as well for
> stetic, since it's much more akin to what we do. See also Xcode and
> xib files.
More modern GUI editors in eclipse, netbeans or intellj all have the 
concept of 'split view' for forms.
XCode had an external designer (like glade) - that's  why they do it 
this way - and C developers love to complicate things :).

In ASP.NET it makes sense ... because you're editing the asp.net files - 
but gtkx files are 100% accessible through the designer.
If we could embed c# in gtkx it would make sense to do it (XAML could 
embed source code as well) - but I don't know if we should do this. (We 
could go the other direction as well and not use the gtkx designer files 
and instead parse the generated files.)

Atm it would just complicate the usability (btw. the designer model was 
one of the first things I really disliked at VS.NET). I understand the 
idea for consistency - this is a good thing, but the gtk designer is 
currently another case than ASP.NET.

Another thing is that gtkx is no industry standard, if we would create 
project files the way that gtkx are the main files and the source files 
are code behind - we would produce projects that aren't easily usable in 
other .NET IDEs.


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