[MonoDevelop] Run Test disabled - ubuntu lucid - monodevelop2.4

Bas Prins bas.prins3 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 16:15:49 EDT 2010


I've installed monodevelop 2.4 on ubuntu lucid with the nunit add-in. When I
open my solution I am not able to run my unit tests.

I've created a new solution from scratch to try there, but the same problem

It doesn't matter if I select a Unit test class, the unit test project in my
solution, right click on any of those, the Run Test button remains disabled.

Strangely enough, not a single hit on google when I search for this problem.
A collegue of me has monodevelop running on a MacBook and there it works
without any manual actions.

Any experience on this issue?

Best regards,

Bas Prins
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