[MonoDevelop] Makefile and .desktop integration not working as expected.

Lluis Sanchez Gual slluis.devel at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 05:14:03 EDT 2010

El dg 08 de 08 de 2010 a les 00:22 +0200, en/na Jensen Somers va
> Hi,
> I am using MonoDevelop 2.4, but experienced the same with git master.
> After a lot of console applications and libraries I am in the process
> of creating my real first GUI application which is meant to be used by
> other people. Hence there are two things I need:
> * A .desktop file to integrate with the user's desktop menu from where
> he can start the application
> * Makefile support so people can simply build and install the application.
> Alright, it seems I can generate everything from within MonoDevelop. Nice!
> However, there are a few things which are not working as I thought.
> (Or as I expected them to be working.)
> (1) When I simply create a new GTK# application, generate makefiles
> and close MonoDevelop without compiling running make fails complaining
> about a missing Build() function. It seems I have to run configure or
> autogen first, then compile in MonoDevelop and then I am able to
> compile using the make command. I believe this has something to do
> with the generated GUI files which I thus have to ship with my
> sources. Not really a problem, it seems the file is not always
> regenerated. And when it's available calling make and make install
> works as expected.

GUI files are generated when you build the project, so you'll have build
at least once before generating the makefile.

> (2) When I enable the run option using the Options menu of the
> makefile integration in MonoDevelop it's not added to the makefile and
> make run doesn't work. A run option is nowhere to be found in any
> makefile related file. Would be nice, but I can live without.

MonoDevelop doesn't generate 'run' targets. That option can be used when
you enable makefile synchronization, to bind MD's run command to the run
target you have in the makefile.

> (3) When using make install the .desktop file is not copied anywhere.
> And this is currently the major issue. When I loop at other
> applications I can see a lot of tricks with custom tools to install a
> .desktop file but if this means I can no longer let MonoDevelop
> synchronize the makefiles with the solution file it's of no help to
> me. I want my interaction with the makefiles as limited as possible.

Make sure that the 'Include in Deploy' option is set for that file, and
that the target deply directory is ".desktop application folder".


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