[MonoDevelop] Tab replacement for files proposal

Eric Schaefer eric.schaefer at ericschaefer.org
Fri Aug 6 08:53:35 EDT 2010

2010/8/6 Mike Krüger <mkrueger at novell.com>:
> I like the 'never close' approach too - I don't know why people don't
> like that approach, maybe they never realized that the current open
> 'working set' of files equals the recent file list - merging these two
> features makes sense.

There might be 10 item on the LRU list, but there are only 4 open
files right now. So LRU and open tabs is not quite the same.

> One cool thing would be when dragging a document outside of the
> workspace that the workspace is cloned (with project browser and all)
> and that this way 2 'workspaces' are created - both with the same
> project - xcode4 does this. I find this feature >way< more usable than
> having a single file window on the 2nd monitor. Then I can work on the
> text editor on screen A and have a working set of files on that screen
> and have the c# binding on the 1st monitor with a dfiferent file working
> set - I would really love to work like that in monodevelop, would be a
> time saver.

Yes, that would be nice.

> how about replacing the gtk tab control with a custom one ?
> I think the gtk control takes too many space for what it does.
> Atm monodevelop takes a bit too much vertical space (I think for pads
> too - but that's another story)  - having a better looking/smaller tab
> control would help with that.

Agreed. The font could be way smaller and the tabs could be like half
as high as they are now.
That's true for all the tabs bars in MD.
The project pads head line is big enough. Users of MD will likely be
experienced enough with the mouse to be able to use such a narrow tab

> (btw. I am the only one who thinks that gtk tabs look ugly?)



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