[MonoDevelop] Tab replacement for files proposal

Dale Ragan dale.ragan at sinesignal.com
Thu Aug 5 11:32:50 EDT 2010

> 2010/8/5 Levi Bard <taktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktak at gmail.com>:
>> I really like being able to manage my workspace of what files are
>> open, and see (a large number of) them at a glance.
>> I do think that the experience of discovering and browsing to
>> not-currently-visible tabs could use some improvement (there have been
>> some suggestions on that - one was an eclipse-style dropdown at the
>> end of the tab bar), but I really REALLY dislike the xcode experience
>> of always having to pick the active file from the dropdown, not being
>> able to easily manage my working set of files, not being able to see
>> the open files at a glance nor quickly switch between them, etc.
> I second that. Most of the time people have only a couple of files
> open and want to see them all at once as tabs. If four files are open,
> one can see which one is visible (the highlighted tab) and which are
> not. Usually I know which tab is which file without reading the text
> on the tab. With a drop down one would always have to read the file
> names. I agree that tabs are confusing if there are tons of them.

Levi and Eric:

Well you wouldn't necessarily use the drop down as your main method of
navigating around.  As stated, it would be used as a secondary option. 
The main method would be to use the Navigate To command, "Ctrl+," to allow
quickly switching between them or opening a new file.

We could probably add a key-binding to show the files opened at a glance.


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