[MonoDevelop] Refactoring Addin

Eric Schaefer eric.schaefer at ericschaefer.org
Sun Aug 1 17:24:56 EDT 2010

Hi List,

I built a trivial Refactoring Addin for MD2.4. It works as expected
except that it only shows up in the context menu the first time after
installing it into ~/.config/MonoDevelop/addins/. If I exit MD and
start it again it still shows up in the Add-In-Manager, but not in the
context menu even if all conditions for IsValid() are met.  Also there
is no entry in the message log pad ("Add-In loaded"). If I uninstall
the Addin via Add-In-Manager and copy it back to the addins directory
it works again. What am I doing wrong.


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