[MonoDevelop] Menu problems

Dean Cleaver dean.cleaver at xceptionsoftware.com
Sun Apr 25 22:06:32 EDT 2010

I just thought I'd ask, because I'm having a few strange problems but I fear it's actually my Mac.

If I right click (2 finger click on touchpad, not an external mouse) I get the context menu for a project or file etc - but cannot click on it. I have 2 options - either run the mouse off the bottom of the menu and back up again (now it highlights the menu items and I can click on them), or click on one of the main menus twice (once to show it, once to hide it) - the popup menu doesn't disappear, and now I can click on it.

Also, something my toolbar buttons just don't highlight on hover, nor click, even though they appear enabled and available. Clicking on the menubar above seems to fix this.

Anyone else experience anything like this?

The reason I think it could be my Mac, is I have had a lot of weird shit happen. Clicked to start Apple update, and just got the pinwheel of death. I've had Safari tell me it had to close because of crashes, and several other problems which I'm led to believe are not typical of Macs. It's my first one (had it 10 months) and I don't use OSX often (95% of the time I use Windows 7 x64 on Bootcamp) so for the little time I do use it, I have a large number of issues.

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