[MonoDevelop] Adding linked files to a project?

Dean Cleaver dean.cleaver at xceptionsoftware.com
Wed Apr 21 23:40:00 EDT 2010


I've got MonoDevelop on OSX, and Visual Studio on Windows 7. Basically, I have a lot of generated code in my Windows projects that I want to also use in my MonoDevelop projects, and the easiest way I know of is to link the files (in Visual Studio, you can "Add As Link" in the Add Existing File dialog) - is there an equivalent in MonoDevelop? I looked around but couldn't see anything, and couldn't find any reference in the archives of this list either.

I use SVN, so will probably have a full copy of all files on both Windows and OX S so it will be links to it's own OS file system at least.

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