[MonoDevelop] difficulty running both client & server in monodevelop

Lluis Sanchez Gual slluis.devel at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 04:36:25 EDT 2010

If the web browser shows a blank page, looks like xsp is being started,
otherwise you'd get a connection error. Maybe the silverlight component
is not loading for some reason.
Are you starting the project with the Debug command F5)? is so, try
starting with just Run (control+F5). Maybe it is an issue in the
Also, which operating system are you running MonoDevelop on?


El dt 13 de 04 de 2010 a les 18:19 -0800, en/na HarbowNoman va escriure:
> Hi, 
> Playing with an (existing) silverlight solution with both client and server
> code.  The client pulls data from a .ashx on the server.  I'm unable to run
> in the normal way on Monodevelop (though it's fine on Visual Studio).  To
> run, I have to do the following (discovered through trial and error): 
> 1) build in Monodevelop, 
> 2) cd to the server code directory and xsp --port XX, 
> 3) cd to the client code directory's Bin/Debug and xsp --port YY, 
> 4) open the client code TestPage.html in a browser
> (http://localhost:YY/TestPage.html) 
> Could anyone explain A) how to re-configure to run with Monodevelop's Run?
> and B) what's the cause? 
> When I do the normal way (1. build in Monodevelop, 2. run in Monodevelop),
> it opens the TestPage without error, but it's blank (presumably unable to
> communicate with the server).  The same thing occurs when I run the server
> code on a (non-localhost) web server (and of course change the client's
> .ashx URI accordingly.)  Not helped by putting a crossdomain.xml on the
> server. 
> Might be a very basic thing I'm not understanding. 
> Much obliged.  Very happy with Monodevelop so far, thanks to the community.

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