[MonoDevelop] Templates with C/C++ projects

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I would also be interested in C/C++ templates for MonoDevelop. I hadn't thought of this until Eduardo mentioned it. I am doing a lot of C coding right now and I'd really like to use MonoDevelop.

 David Boarman
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Subject: [MonoDevelop] Templates with C/C++ projects


I'm new using MonoDevelop but I think is a great IDE for work with C#, and I would like to use with C/C++ as well (basically for doing console applications), but the problem is that it comes without the code templates. I tried to configure in the preferences the "for" template for the C++ language copying exactly the template used by C# but no way I could make it work. I tried either with the MIME type in blank or "text/x-cpp". I also tried insert by different methods TAB key, Ctrl + T, menu "Edit -> Insert Template". In fact, when I quit and start again my template is not on the list, but it is located at ~.config/MonoDevelop/templates/code/for.template.xml

Can't MonoDevelop come with at least the code templates that are the same between C# and C++ (like: for, while, if)? That would be a question only of copy the template files from C# to C++ as most of the time is the same or there is only a little difference between them.
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