[MonoDevelop] Im learning to program and I'm getting an error i cant understand :(

Alexander M. Batishchev abatishchev at godfather.net.ru
Sun Apr 4 16:22:45 EDT 2010


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Hi I recently purchased a magazine on how to program using Mono in Linux. I

have done a couple of tasks inside the magazine and I am currently trying to

make a program of my own :) anyway I am having trouble using



MonoDevelop is telling this line is wrong:


//string of just the files name and not its path

string strFileName = Path.GetFileName(strFile);


I get the following error:



Error CS0119: Expression denotes a `method group', where a `variable',

`value' or `type' was expected (CS0119) (Sync-GUI)


Really sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong place!

thanks :)


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