[MonoDevelop] Mono and Crontab

"Andrés G. Aragoneses" knocte at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 09:43:21 EDT 2010

El 04/04/10 13:56, Mark Devgood escribió:
> I am also of the opinion that writing a Service is a last resort. Even on
> Windows I've found them a pain to support, debug, update, etc...
> So sounds like writing this in a Console app is the way to go. Since this

Why not get the best of both worlds? Implement your logic in
SomeLibrary.dll. Then, create a console app that uses this library so
you can test your cade easier. After, create a service that uses the
same library for deploying it.

Oh, and make sure you develop a simple logging method that calls
Console.WriteLine and at the same time writes to the event log
(System.Diagnostics.*) so you can debug it both from the console app and
the service.



> has to be running all the time, is the best option to kick it off from Cron?
> Perhaps Cron can run a little script each hour to see if the Console app is
> running, and if not kick it off? I'm not quite sure how I would achieve
> this. This is to test if the server was rebooted for whatever reason. After
> all, a reminder system isn't useful if you suddenly don't get you reminder,
> and you discovered that the Console app is not running anymore.

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