[MonoDevelop] Run MonoDevelop on Mono on Windows

Justin Malcolm malcolm.justin at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 06:35:52 EDT 2009


How do I build (or just run) MonoDevelop on Windows so that it is using the
Mono runtime instead of .NET?  I would like to run the MonoDevelop 2.2 beta
on a Windows 2000 box.

You cannot install .NET 3.5 on Windows 2000.  The latest you can get to is
2.0SP1 which is what I have.

The GTK# for .NET installer works great on this platform but the MonoDevelop
beta installer requires .NET 3.5.

The Mono installer for Windows also works great on Windows 2000.
 Now I need to get MonoDevelop working on top of Mono.

I was able to get MonoDevelop 2.2. beta working on .NET 2.0SP1 by doing the

- Install MonoDevelop on a Windows XP box
- Copy the MonoDevelop folder from "Program Files" over to my Windows 2000
- Copy System.Core.dll from the Windows XP box into the MonoDevelop folder
on my Windows 2000 box

With this configuration, MonoDevelop runs quite well.  I can even build GTK#
apps on .NET 2.0SP1.  Unfortunately, there are three problems with this

1) I am probably not allowed to use the Microsoft System.Core.dll in this
way and do not want to

2) If I use the .NET framework, it is only 2.0SP1 and I need 3.5 stuff

3) I cannot seem to build GTK# applications when I tell MonoDevelop to use
the Mono framework

I tried to get around 1) by using the Mono version of System.Core.dll but
MonoDevelop complains about the strong name signing and will not run.  I
cannot seem to install the Mono DLL into the MS.NET GAC for similar reasons.
 Is there a way around this?  I also tried just to run MonoDevelop with
"mono monodevelop.exe" at the command-line (without the MS System.Core.dll)
but I got a dialog box saying "** ERROR **: implement type compare for 1b!
aborting...".  Is there a way to run the .NET 3.5 compiled MonoDevelop on

Problem 2) is significant as I want to use 3.5 features including C# 3.0,

Issue 3) is probably just something I am doing wrong.  I would write more
about it but this message is already getting long (and I have now created
another post on this topic).  Basically, if I try to create a GTK# app in
MonoDevelop targeting the Mono framework it says that it cannot find the
GTK# DLLs or that they are not right for the version of the framework I am
running.  If I replace the references with links right to the GTK# DLLs in
the Mono GAC then the project complains that it cannot use the designer and
then compiles fail because of "Build".  Perhaps there is an issue with
Stetic in MonoDevelop being built for .NET when I try to compile for Mono.

I imagine that if I could just build MonoDevelop on Mono on this system that
things might just work.  Unfortunately, I cannot even seem to build
HelloWorldGTK# on Mono so I am not sure how to proceed.

Any ideas?

I tried to post this message earlier to Nabble but I do not think it went
out.  My apologies if this is a repeat for you.
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