[MonoDevelop] Assembly Folders at runtime?

Lluis Sanchez Gual lluis at novell.com
Thu Sep 24 16:15:47 EDT 2009

El dc 23 de 09 de 2009 a les 15:31 -0500, en/na Andy Selvig va escriure:
> Hi-
> I started using the Assembly Folders functionality of MonoDevelop 2.2
> beta 1. I've specified a directory that contains some assemblies from
> another solution. This seems to work and I can add the assemblies as
> references and compile the application. However, at run time, Mono
> complains that it can't find them. I guess this makes sense, since
> they're not in the same directory as the app and not in the GAC. I
> tried to check "Local Copy" on the assembly reference but it's grayed
> out.
> So, I guess my question is, how can I make the Assembly Folders
> actually useful by making the referenced assemblies available at run
> time (either be enabling the Local Copy functionality or some other
> means)? If i could get it working, it would be a huge time saver.

I plan to enable Local Copy for this kind of references. It will be
available in the next release.


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