[MonoDevelop] Run MonoDevelop on Mono on Windows

jmalcolm jug at sigphi.ca
Thu Sep 24 13:11:50 EDT 2009

Hello again,

I just wanted to clarify that my real problem seems to be that I cannot
build GTK# apps using the Mono framework.  If I could do that, I imagine I
could compile MonoDevelop using Mono.

Telling MonoDevelop to use Mono, I did compile a fairly large
ASP.NET project that uses quite a lot of 3.5 stuff including LINQ to XML. 
It also uses IKVM to integrate some fairly large JAVA libraries.  All this
built fine.

I also compiled a Windows Forms app I wrote a while ago and it compiled
great over Mono.  Actually, I had to compile it on Mono as MonoDevelop
cannot find 'resgen' when building using .NET.

So, now I have the somewhat silly situation where the only way to compile
Windows Forms apps on my Windows machine is to use Mono and the only way to
compile GTK# apps on the same machine is to use .NET.

Crazy old world...

Any help would still be greatly appreciated.
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