[MonoDevelop] Error "Couldn't create a remote process" when attempting to debug a unit test Monodevelop 2.0 on Ubuntu

Joe Carr joe.carr at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 21:50:53 EDT 2009

I can execute unit tests without issue, but selecting the "Debug" option
will cause it to either hang, or will respond with the error :

Couldn't create a remote process

with the top 2 lines of the stacktrace (screenshot
http://imgur.com/KcKkz.png, as I couldn't figure out how to copy the text):
assemblyPath, System.String typeName, System.String[] addins) [0x00000]
at (wrapper remoteing-invoke-with-check)

It seems that I may be having a issue similar to :

Any ideas on how to debug further? Thanks beforehand.

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