[MonoDevelop] Signals in the property viewer

alan battersby alan.battersby at ntlworld.com
Wed Sep 16 11:58:12 EDT 2009

I have created a widget that inherits from treeview see code below. It
compiles and appears in the toolbox and I can add it into a design. When
I select my widget in designer I had expected to see the the signals
associated with the base treeview class, but all that is displayed are
the common widget signals. Is there something I should be adding to the
code to make the treeview signals visible in the inspector?


    public class TreeviewPopup : TreeView
        Gtk.Menu menu;
        public TreeviewPopup() : base()
            menu = new Gtk.Menu();
        protected override bool OnButtonPressEvent (Gdk.EventButton evnt)
                if(evnt.Button == 3) {
                     if (menu != null)
                     return true;
                // Now if we would ever get this far
                // we run the TreeViews OnButtonPressEvent function
                // to make sure everything else works as normal
                return base.OnButtonPressEvent(evnt);
        public void AppendMenuItem(MenuItem itm)

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