[MonoDevelop] Debugging a DLL on Windows

Lluis Sanchez Gual lluis at novell.com
Mon Sep 14 05:34:28 EDT 2009

El dv 11 de 09 de 2009 a les 13:16 -0700, en/na Steve Baer va escriure:
> Hi,
> I'm in the early stages of embedding Mono in our C++ based product to
> load and execute "plug-in" DLLs written in C#. So far everything is
> working quite well on both Windows and OSX.... except when it comes to
> debugging. In Visual Studio when I debug a C# plug-in written for our
> application and using the .NET framework, I set the debugger to "Start
> external program" and my breakpoint is hit once my C# DLL is loaded
> and running.
> Is there any equivalent to this in MonoDevelop? I've tried Run->Debug
> Application... and get an exception dialog. I also tried Run->Attach
> to Process... but no processes are shown for attaching. Forgive my
> ignorance, I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm going about
> debugging the wrong way in MonoDevelop.

If you are embedding the Mono runtime, you need the Mono Debugger to
debug your app, and it is not yet supported on Windows.

If you are embedding the .NET runtime instead of Mono, mixed mode
debugging (native/managed) is not yet supported, and there are no plans
to support it at mid term.


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