[MonoDevelop] MonoDevelop 2.2 Beta 1 released

Oskar Berggren oskar.berggren at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 02:55:08 EDT 2009

Great! Really looking forward to this! I see lots of features in there
that I've been missing.

What about bug and stability fixes?  What can I expect in the way of
stability with 2.2 beta and eventually 2.2 final, compared to 2.0? Is
it reasonable to use 2.2 beta in production use already?

I'm wondering because I have several issues with 2.0 at the moment:

* Sometimes it fails to kill xsp2, or fails to realize that it has
killed it, so the stop button is never disabled, and the run button is
never re-enabled.

* Sometimes in the text editor, with an aspx-file loaded, when I type
a < the completion suggestion box should be shown. Instead the
application freezes. Several minutes later it is still frozen and I
kill it.

* Sometimes it just crash.

* Sometimes the "text editor container" seem to have issues. With
several files open, I close one tab. Normally the remaining should
slide together to fill the void, but sometimes this does not happen. A
piece of empty gray space remains. When this happen I can normally
continue editing the other open files, but if I try to open a
different file, there is just a blank gray area where the text area
should be.

At the moment I don't have more details, because I haven't really
looked deeply on it yet. My wondering is if anyone else have had
similar issues, and if something similar might have already been

I've compiled md 2.0 and mono 2.4.something myself, running on ubuntu
9.04 64bit.

Then something which might not be a bug as such, but could maybe be
improved anyway:

* If I load a solution, change the startup project, open some files,
close others, compile and run several times over the course of say an
hour, then after a crash or kill of the application, when I reopen the
solution it seems that the startup project and list of open files have
reverted to the way it was when I previously opened the solution. It
would probably be good if these parameters were stored more often.
After the 5th restart in 15 minutes it gets kinda annoying... :)


2009/9/10 Paul <paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk>:
> Hi,
>> The MonoDevelop team is proud to announce the release of MonoDevelop 2.2
>> Beta 1 (2.1). This is the first release of a series of releases that
>> will lead to MonoDevelop 2.2, hopefully around the end of October.
> Should hit the Fedora rawhide repos (along with an update for
> gtk-sharp2) for tomorrows push.
> BTW : Well done on the new version, much faster, much smoother and a
> damned sight nicer to use!
> Paul
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