[MonoDevelop] Monodevelop crash on Mandriva 2009.1 when starting

Edward Diener eldlistmailingz at tropicsoft.com
Thu Sep 3 20:59:59 EDT 2009

Robert Jordan wrote:
> Edward Diener wrote:
>> [...] The only odd thing is that while 
>> nearly all the packages are x86_64 or, in the case of mono-addins 
>> noarch, the libmono0 package says i586. There is no x86_64 version of 
>> libmono0 in the Mandriva repositories. Could that be the problem ?
> If libMonoPosixHelper.so is provided by the libmono0 package, then
> this is definitely the problem.

The files provided by libmono0 are:


Are you saying that there needs to be a libmono0 for x86_64 or the 
x86_64 mono runtime will crash ?

If that is the case I will ask in Mandriva forums why the x86_64 version 
   of libmono0 is not being supplied in the Main Mandriva repository.

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