[MonoDevelop] Can I use the Microsoft compilers withMonodevelop 2.2b2 on Windows?

Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
Fri Oct 30 19:11:32 EDT 2009

Hi Olivier, 

> >  Of course they don't...
> >
> >  Next question: would it be a good thing for developers if they did?
> >
> >  Charlie
> You may not be able to _easily_ switch between the Microsoft 
> C# compiler and the Mono C# compiler, but you _can_ create 
> your own .targets file (or inline the content inside your 
> .csproj file) that overrides the CoreCompile target in 
> Microsoft.CSharp.targets and calls whatever task you wish to 
> (including a hypothetical mcs task).  The former is pretty 
> much what the Grasshopper C#-to-JVM bytecode "compiler" does. 
>  Come to think of it, I seem to recall someone creating such 
> an "mcs" MSBuild task.  Google is your friend.
> The Visual Studio IDE itself might still use some Microsoft 
> compiler components for the auto-complete, refactoring, 
> syntax highlighting or error underlining, but that doesn't 
> mean you are stuck generating your binaries with the same compiler...

Interesting... this is not something I've looked into much but now 
that you mention it I recall some such thing as well.

However, I was mainly replying to Ozgur's apparent dismissal of
the OP's question. I don't want to just dismiss it - it led me
to realize that an easily interchangeable back end would be a good
feature in an IDE, something I'd not thought of before.


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