[MonoDevelop] resgen tool in Linux

Kirk Marat kirk_marat at umanitoba.ca
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Thanks for your reply.  It turns out that with the beta 2 release that my VS / .NET / Windows Forms 
project (which is almost up to 60,000 lines of code) compiles just fine on both Windows and openSUSE 
11.1.   Running under .NET 3.5 on Windows it seems indistinguishable from the VS compiled version - 
_maybe_ a touch slower (10%???) on some benchmarks.  Running under mono on both Windows and openSUSE 
there are a number of mostly minor issues with things like control/form sizing and location.  Some 
of these have pretty simple work-arounds, and I'm sure will probably be fixed in future releases.


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On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 6:17 PM, Kirk Marat <kirk_marat at umanitoba.ca> wrote:
>> The issue on Windows is already fixed.
> My MD for Windows seems to be the latest version (MonoDevelop-2.2.b1.msi). Is the fixed version
> available?
>> On Linux, the problem may be that
>> you don't have the 'mono-devel' package installed. This may be a
>> packaging issue, since mono-devel should be required.
> My MD version is the latest available through the "1-click" install on the web site. My mono
> version is the latest mono-stable available with "zypper". I see that there is a separate rpm for
> mono-devel. I tried downloading this separately but it requires a glib2 (not in the repository??)
> as a prerequisite.

The issue this that the MD packages don't require mono-tools. It's now
fixed for future packages..


Michael Hutchinson

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