[MonoDevelop] Unable to run NUnit test

Lluis Sanchez Gual lluis at novell.com
Mon Oct 19 07:18:43 EDT 2009

This looks like a crash in fflush. The process running nunit crashes and
MD loses the connection to it (hence the unix transport error).

El dl 19 de 10 de 2009 a les 04:00 +0200, en/na Antonello Provenzano va
> Hi guys.
> I've been trying for some hours to run a simple NUnit test, involving
> non-graphical libraries, with MonoDevelop 2.0, running under Ubuntu
> 9.04, and I can't even enter the first line of the SetUp method of the
> test. The only error I receive is a RemotingException with the error
> text "Unix transport error".
> I dug out the ./config/MonoDevelop/log file to look for further
> explications which could have helped me finding out the reason of this
> error, but without any concrete result.
> In the library to be tested I made a single P/Invoke call to
> Mono.Unix.Stdlib.fflush(IntPtr) method: in the log I found an error
> related to this call, that I can't say if is it related to NUnit test:
> in fact I'm not able to even enter the point before the P/Invoke said.
> I attached a copy of the log I found to the present mail: could anyone
> give me any hint about what is it happening?
> Thank you very much!
> Antonello
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