[MonoDevelop] Fatwa: bring the XCode error/warning reporting to MonoDevelop.

Miguel de Icaza miguel.de.icaza at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 20:50:01 EDT 2009


* The wrap/ellipsise behaviour in Xcode is complex. Sometimes Xcode
> wraps the message onto the *next* line (that still has text on it, and
> Xcode has a rendering bug when you type on that line), sometimes it
> wraps it onto a "new" line, sometimes it ellipsises, sometimes a
> mixture. Tuning this behaviour could be difficult.

This is merely an overlay computed at the time the bubble is created, or
when the editor is resized.   It does not need to live or share the same
text-o-space than the actual text is.   I believe this is the source of your

The bubble does not go away, and it is mildly transparent, so you can type
underneath it.  If you dislike it, you are supposed to make it go away by
clicking on the cute little icon.

> * There needs to be some kind of logic for deciding when to hide the
> bubbles (maybe a short while after the line or an adjacent line has
> been altered) or they will stick around and get in the way. Of course,
> the aforementioned menu could be used to bring them back.

Simple issue.

* The error pad is obviously necessary to show you where the errors
> are outside of the current document, else you would have to scroll
> through all your files (or know the hotkeys) to find bubbles. So the
> pad is still the primary place for new users to *find* the errors.

I never get the error pad and think to myself "Let us look at all the
possible errors and pick the one I want to fix first".   When you are
developing, all you care about is hitting the next one.   We can keep it
around for log or diagostic purposes, but with bubbles, it becomes
effectively useless.   I have yet to use that in XCode, ever.

* How should bubble rendering interact with breakpoint markers or the
> current line highlight marker?

Side by side.

* Does the purpose of bubbles conflict with the squiggly underlines
> for on-the-fly syntax errors? Should we still use squiggly underlines
> for all on-the-fly errors (e.g. spelling, syntax, etc) and save
> bubbles for compile-time errors?


> * We've discussed getting rid of the status bar, or making it more
> subtle (like Google Chrome's popup status bar) since it's currently
> mostly redundant and wastes space. Will adding more things
> (warning/error counts) to the status bar make the problem worse by
> making it harder to get rid of the status bar, or solve that problem
> by making it less redundant?

They can still be contextual.   They only show up after a build, and remain
there until some other significant event.

* VS also doesn't pop up the build/error pads unless the build fails -
> it simply shows the build progress in the status bar - and people have
> been asking for MD to copy this for a while.

That is a good idea while we kill it

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