[MonoDevelop] Impossible to see my cursor.

Miguel de Icaza miguel.de.icaza at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 13:31:34 EDT 2009


+ temorarlily highlighting the caret line after a jump.
> (people with having the highlight caret line option on won't see any
> difference).
> + Added a small caret pulse animation after the jump.
> I could need some feedback for this change.

I love both of these, but I think that the pulse animation needs to be more
prominent, as I missed it until Michael pointed it out.

The same happens with the search animation results;   I do not quite know
what the problem is, but I suspect that it needs to be a little bit slower,
and perhaps brighter?

> btw. if anyone thinks he can do better animations (caret/searching) than
> I please do so. Someone with graphical knowledge could do better ones -
> they're just a proof of concept.

In Silverlight and in other animation frameworks, the actual actions are
mapped to a change curve, and the curve can be configured in a number of
ways;   It might be worth just looking at some of the samples to determine
what the right curve is.

The curve can control multiple values at once, so animations for colors,
sizes and other items can all be bound to a given time slot at the time that
the tick is issued.

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