[MonoDevelop] Monodevelop and Microsoft VB 2005 created programs

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
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> Hello Michael,
> I have installed the resgen tool so that part is OK.
> I have a suspicion I am either over complicating the problem of
> converting programs from a Windows VB 2005 created program for use on a
> system or perhaps more likely, trying to do the impossible.

As Michael mentioned you don't need to convert anything, just copy the
binary from your Windows machine to your Linux system and run it. 

> I understand that at the current state of development MonoDevelop may
> not be able to handle all functions available using VB 2005 and that the
> program may be able to identity these. Could you confirm that this
> statement is true?

VB 2005 is fully supported (note that you may still use Windows-specific
features, such as P/Invokes, which probably won't work right away, this is
when MoMA can help you, it will analyze your program and tell you which
problems you may have - note that the issues MoMA finds aren't VB-specific,
if you'd written the same program in C# you'd have the same potential

Note that there are many ways Visual Studio will help you when writing code
which isn't implemented in MonoDevelop (such as intellisense for instance).

> To explain my desire more completely:
> I can develop programs to run on a Windows machine using VB 2005 to
> carry out automated operations that I need. What I want to do is convert
> programs so that I can create an install package that will enable the
> program to run on a Linux system without using a program such as
> 'Wine'. 

As I mentioned above in principle you don't need to convert anything (it
really depends on exactly what your program does).

> The programs as written provide access to emails and databases and both
> Windows programs (Outlook and Access).
> Am I expecting the impossible?

I don't think I follow you here, Outlook and Access are both Windows
programs and those won't run on linux (assuming you don't want to use Wine).

> If I install MonoDevelop on my Linux m/c will this make any difference
> to my requirement?
> If I install MonoDevelop on my Linux m/c and set about learning C# for
> example can I then, by starting from scratch achieve my objective?

You can do the exact same things with both VB and C#, so it does not make a
> Sorry about all the questions but if you can help it will be great.

First I'd recommend running MoMA on your program to identify possible
issues, and it would also be easier to help if you explained more detailed
what your program does.


> Regards
> Brian Smart
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> > Although I can load a program created using VB2005 into the
> MonoDevelop
> >  system, when I try to run the program I get the error “Unable to
> find
> > ‘resgen’ tool. This is followed by the file,project and path
> information.
> >
> > I can’t find out what the resgen tool is!
> It's used to compile resx resources. It should be included with mono
> tools. What distro or OS are you running on?
> > On a general note, am I right to assume that a program created with
> VB
> 2005
> > can be built to run on a Linux m/c?
> You don't need to rebuild it. You can use the same binary. You should
> scan it with MoMA to check that it's compatible with Mono:
> http://www.mono-project.com/MoMA
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