[MonoDevelop] Trunk build failed on Ubuntu 9.10 beta with CS0040

Andy Selvig ajselvig at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 15:09:54 EDT 2009

Hi all-

I'm trying to build the trunk on Ubuntu 9.10 beta and I run into a problem
right off the bat. When compiling Mono.Cecil, I get this error message:

error CS0040: Unexpected debug information initialization error `The
assembly for default symbol writer cannot be loaded'

There is no other information as to what is going on or where exactly the
error is. I went back several thousands revs but the error persisted. I've
been building from svn on several Ubuntu 9.04 machines without issue, so I
think it's something with the new Ubuntu version. What can I do to get more
information to debug the issue?

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