[MonoDevelop] Translation question

Cyrille Colin colin at univ-metz.fr
Sun Nov 29 04:18:26 EST 2009

thanks michael,
as you suggested i complete the rules to scan aspx files. it works for
me i use C# in aspx, i don't know other language (VB,Boo) to complete
rules for those language i guess someone can do this.
You talk about Reflection to extract calls to Gettext, it's a pretty
good idea, but in asp.net it seems many things are compiled at runtime
(will it work ?)
Whatever with Monodevelop + Gettext it's very easy to build localized
application (thanks again)
in the proposal patch i paste the CS rules (not a hard work) and add a
rules to exclude html comments, i also removed redundant lines.

Le samedi 28 novembre 2009 à 15:18 -0500, Michael Hutchinson a écrit :
> On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 5:30 AM, Cyrille Colin <colin at univ-metz.fr> wrote:
> > hi all,
> > i would like to use Catalog.GetString() in inline code in that way :
> >
> > <H1><%= Catalog.GetString("Test") %></H1>
> > this works, but the scan done by the translation project doesn't find
> > it.
> >
> > And in that other case I have an Exception for "code render is not
> > allowed here" :
> > <asp:RadioButtonList id="fileType" runat="server">
> >  <asp:ListItem><%= Catalog.GetString("Test") %></asp:ListItem>
> >
> > Do i need to used only codebehind, if someone could explain what's the
> > best way to do it.
> MD's gettext scanner extracts strings from files using regexes. You
> can see the regexes here:
> http://anonsvn.mono-project.com/viewvc/trunk/monodevelop/main/src/addins/MonoDevelop.Gettext/MonoDevelop.Gettext.addin.xml?view=markup
> Unfortunately there are no scanning rules defined yet for aspx, though
> they should be straightforward to add. As a workaround, you could
> indeed use CodeBehind.
> Long-term, I'd like to use reflection/cecil to extract all string that
> are passed to GetString, directly from the compiled assemblies, so
> that it would work for all compiled managed languages.

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