[MonoDevelop] Quick finder discussion

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Thu Nov 26 04:06:34 EST 2009


I need some opinions on our 'quick finder'. I want to improve the class
quick finder. 

It has some issues:

+ It takes up too much screen space
+ It could contain some more functionalaty (think of toolbar buttons)

XCode has a very nice 'quick finder' - see the screenshots in:


What I find nice is that it merges the 'notebook' and the class quick
finder. Xcode doesn't have a notebook for multiple open files instead
files can be switched with a drop down (prev/next file buttons are at
the left).

The question is - should we do that too? The benefit is that we save
screen space and it'll look very clean. The downside is that switching
files is more than just 'one click' and that's no longer possible to
quickly see all open files (but I think every developer knows what files
he was opening :)).

Any opinions on that ?


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