[MonoDevelop] MAC OS Tests, GetText / GuiDesigner / Editor

Thomas Ziegler ziegler.thomas at web.de
Mon Nov 16 16:13:07 EST 2009

On Nov 15, 2009, at 11:41 PM, Michael Hutchinson wrote:

> On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 3:53 PM, Thomas Ziegler  
> <ziegler.thomas at web.de> wrote:
>> Hello *
>> I have build the last SVN Version of Monodevelop and tested several  
>> addins
>> and functions.
>> My system is a Mac OS 10.5.7 machine.
>> 1. Editor
>> The source code editor had problems with scrolling and if you enter  
>> some
>> code you must type blind until you do an resize of the source window.
> I'm not aware of this issue. What GTK version where you using? Are you
> using the one shipped with Mono, or a trunk or macports built?

I run mono and no special builds at all.
My last GTK version is 2.12

>> 2. GuiDesigner
>> The GUI designer is working in general the only disadvantage is the  
>> DND and
>> widget movement.
> Yeah, unfortunately DnD is only partially implemented in the Mac GTK+,
> so we can't fix these issues in MD. When I last tried, stetic also
> seemed unusably slow - I suspect the checkboard background.
>> When you click on OK, MD crashes.
>> 3. GetText is working on my machine without any problem
> Ok, I'll take a look at including that addin by default. There were
> some reports that it was broken - I think the gettext compilation
> tools were missing? - and I haven't had time to test. Did you install
> the gettext tools on your machine, e.g. via macports?

Yes, I followed the guide build monodevelop on MacOS.

To build MD from svn it is necessary to install the gettext package  
fom ports. I have installed version 0.17.

Thomas Ziegler

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