[MonoDevelop] Exclude files or references depending on Configuration

Cyrille Colin colin at univ-metz.fr
Mon Nov 16 03:06:12 EST 2009

I use Simple Makefile integration to build project, and i see that in
the project.make a list of files depending on configuration is done.
So i was thinking there's a way to specify such thinks. I don't want to
use a windows compatibility mode ;).

Le dimanche 15 novembre 2009 à 17:33 -0500, Michael Hutchinson a écrit :
> On Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 12:21 PM, Cyrille Colin <colin at univ-metz.fr> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > is there a way to exclude/include files or references for a project
> > depending on a configuration ?
> > for example if i would like to use mysql or postgres, I define
> > configuration : mysql and postgres with some compilation define symbol.
> > I used "#if def", it works but compilation needs booth reference. Also
> > in asp.net case i would like to exclude pages instead of apply a #if def
> > to an entire file.
> > Is that possible ? is it the good way to do this?
> The "correct" way would be to put MSBuild conditions on the references
> in the project file. This would work with xbuild, MSBuild and VS.
> However, I'm not sure whether MD handles them yet. This is certainly
> something will work when MD uses xbuild to build projects. MD 2.2 has
> an experimental option to do so, so you could try that too. Eventually
> it will become the standard behaviour.

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