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stacheldraht at interia.pl stacheldraht at interia.pl
Sun Nov 15 11:54:29 EST 2009

Am Mittwoch 11 November 2009 23:31:26 schrieb Oskar Berggren:
> 2009/11/11 Oskar Berggren <oskar.berggren at gmail.com>:
> To answer my own question, the "changed" signal comes from the
> GtkEditable interface, I just discovered. Is it possible that the
> "changed" signal don't fire until the entry looses keyboard focus (and
> has had its contents altered)?
OK, I tried again...and the "Chnged" dignal really works! :-] In fact, it is 
fired every time the content of the entry changes. And why didn't it work for 
the first time? Well, I have found MD several times "eat up" a signal I 
defined for some widget...and in this particular case it happened. :-[

Jacek Rużyczka

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