[MonoDevelop] Multiple Solutions

Brett Michael klunket at sent.com
Mon Nov 9 08:49:22 EST 2009


I'm a regular user of the ability of MonoDevelop to have multiple  
solutions over at a time. However, there are a few things that I think  
could be improved which I thought I'd raise on this list for discussion.

My preference would be that by default when you select 'Open' a  
completely new MonoDevelop window would open with the solution or  
project in it. This would be more in line with other editors (although  
different to VS.net) - I have no idea if this would be extremely  
difficult to achieve with the current code base, but it would  
certainly make my life easier. Closing the currently open window seems  
unintuitive to me, and doesn't work very well when solutions are  
opened by double clicking on their icon in Nautilus/Finder - few users  
would expect it to close their currently open window.

An alternative, although a less preferable one, would be to allow  
configuration as to the default behaviour in the Open dialog. I have  
to traverse some very large directory structures to find the solution  
files I want to open, and I regularly forget to uncheck the 'Close  
Current Workspace' option which makes me swear like an angry swearing  
gorilla every time.

Anyone else feeling my pain, or am I a unique and beautiful snowflake?


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