[MonoDevelop] Questions about auto-indent and code completion

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Thu May 21 07:03:15 EDT 2009

Hi *,

while working on my Flex Binding addin for MD I ended up with several
questions about auto-indent and code completion. I use as a model both
PyBinding (quite simple) and CSharpBinding (quite complex). I now have
an indentation engine based on IDocumentStateEngine (just like C# does)
but before going on with completion (that requires a parser) I have a
couple of questions I'd like to ask.

First of all, is this the correct way to go? Or there are other, new
ways to implement auto-indent and completion?

Then, given that a parser is needed for completion would make sense to
keep a parse tree in memory and have a single addin manage both indent
and completion based on that tree?

And finally, does MD editor support for nested modes? MXML files are XML
files that can contains <mx:Script> blocks and I'd like to switch from
XML indent (with MXML tags completion) to ActionScript 3 inside the
script blocks.


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