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I think I figured the problem out, but not by changing the package configure
path, but by forcing the freshly compiled assemblies.

I went to the references edit page for my particular project (which is in
main/addins) and changed the references to the MonoDevelop.Components.dll
and MonoDevelop.Ide.dll assemblies, which I had to browse and select. If I
tried loading the assemblies from the projects, there are only a few
projects displayed, lib libstetic and NUnitRunner, etc, but not the real

At the end of the day, what was supposed to work worked. Moreover, it isn't
taking too long to compile which is good.

So should I bother with the makefiles now or keep manually adding

Also, are there any specific advantages towards keeping my stuff in extra/
rather than in main/Addins/...? I notice a significant slowdown on the
machine which I'm using when I use the full workspace, rather than an
individual solution.

Any suggestion on where to start for adding a new pad? Also I'll need to
have a look at some usage of the ExtensibleTreeView class.


On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 12:19 AM, Michael Hutchinson <
m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 5:36 AM, Lluis Sanchez Gual <lluis at novell.com>
> wrote:
> > El ds 16 de 05 de 2009 a les 17:10 +0530, en/na Andy va escriure:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> I'm writing an add-in for MonoDevelop as my GSoC project, after an
> >> evening of hacking and trying to get it to work, I've not been able
> >> to. Michael Hutchinson is my mentor and he's help me set it up. I just
> >> wanted to ask a few questions I have, and ask people if there's
> >> anything I'm doing wrong.
> >>
> >> Build settings:
> >> I'm starting off using the DateInserter example on the MD Wiki. I use
> >> a near-trunk build for regular usage, but write the code on the trunk
> >> tree.
> >> here's what I've done so far:
> >> * Built MD with ./configure --profile=select, with main and
> >> addinauthoring selected
> >> * opened the main.mdw workspace with extras and main solutions.
> >> * added a new project to the Main/Addins
> >> * Wrote the code exactly as it's mentioned on the wiki.
> >> * Built only the single addin's solution using F7 which happens quite
> >> quickly, and that's nice
> >> * The addin compiles to the DLL and I added the path to the dll to
> >> local-config/main.addins
> >
> > Don't do that. Just change the build output path to Main/build/Addins.
> >
> >> * I set the PKG_CONFIGURE_PATH in my .bashrc to point to the
> >> local-config of my trunk tree.
> >
> > You don't need to do that.
> Although your answers are 100% correct for addins in main, my original
> advice was for setting up an addin as a separate solution in extras.
> In the case of having the addin in extras/YourAddinName, it is necessary
> to:
> 1) configure your projects to output assemblies to
> extras/YourAddinName/build
> 2) set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to point to the local-config directory so MD
> will allow you to reference the local MD's assemblies as packages, and
> hence build and get code completion against the local MD
> -then, either-
> 3a) add a makefile and configure script to the extras/YourAddinName so
> that it can be built with the top-level configure script and
> makefiles. This makefile must use the PKG_CONFIG_PATH passed to it by
> the configure script. MonoDevelop.AspNet.Mvc is an example of a such a
> makefile that invokes mdtool. Also add your addin to prpfiles/all,
> then run configure --select, and make sure the addin is selected as
> part of the build.
> -or-
> 3b) if not using a makefile, add a YourAddinName.addins file to
> local-config, pointing at the extras/YourAddinName/build directory, to
> make the local MD load the addin
> We should really have a page on the wiki for this. It would also be
> convenient if we could eliminate step 2 by having the workspace handle
> pkgconfig resolution in some way.
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