[MonoDevelop] Windows Apps and MonoDevelop 2.0

Andy York andy at brdstudio.net
Tue May 19 07:14:36 EDT 2009

I'm feeling the same way as you Chris, MonoDevelop has enough on it 
plate without having to worry about a gui designer for WinForms. I would 
however suggest that if a person wants this functionality enough perhaps 
they might try to port the gui designer that SharpDevelop uses as an add 
on to MonoDevelop. Has anyone tried this or ran MoMA against 
SharpDevelop's gui assembly? Of course we all forget that WinForms is 
not that hard to write by hand or create the initial layout in Windows 
and tweek it in MonoDevelop.

This is just my opinion and nothing more, I am just a simple Windows 
programmer who has used MonoDevelop for quite a while now and they 
should be commented for the work they have done, instead of suggesting 
they reinvent the wheel. If this seems inflammatory then I apologize.


Chris Howie wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 5:44 PM, beetle2001 <beetle2001 at mail.ru> wrote:
>> Thank you, for the feedback.
>> It`s a pity that MD has no visual disigner for WinForms ((( Console
>> applications are insufficient for Windows in most cases, and there`s no
>> sense of using VS.NET for visual part and MD for the rest. In this case it`s
>> better to use VS.NET only. So MD can`t be used to write serious applications
>> for Windows yet. It`s a pity.
>> Hope to see IDE to be used to write serious apps for Win and Linux.
>> But it`s a great step on the way to Win-Lin compaibility anyway.
>> Thank you.
> If you *need* winforms and cannot possibly use Gtk# instead than you
> probably want to use SharpDevelop instead.  Assuming that you develop
> your application to be portable, you can run the compiled assembly
> directly on Linux.
> I have yet to wrap my head around the "we want winforms but want to
> use a IDE designed for another platform and written using a different
> widget toolkit to code it" statements that keep cropping up on this
> mailing list.  Uhm, WTF?
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