[MonoDevelop] Is debug available in MonoDevelop 2 (Mono 2.4) for Mac OS X?

Alessandro Fragnani de Morais alefragnani at gmail.com
Wed May 6 22:37:44 EDT 2009


I just downloaded Mono version 2.4 with MonoDevelop 2.0 for my Mac, to  
see if the debugger was available, and besides the "View / Debug  
Windows menu item", the Breakpoints and Watches, the debugger simply  
doesn't work. Clicking in RUN or DEBUG has the same result, just RUN.

Is it one of the 'missing features'  that the download page warning  
wanted to warn? Sorry, but I searched a lot trying to find what  
exactly was bugged / missed, but couldn't find anywhere. I thing that  
this link should specify exactly what was bugged / missed.

Thanks for your help.

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