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Sun Mar 29 06:15:01 EDT 2009

There is also standalone project called NClass which is a windows
forms application but works under mono too.

2009/3/29 Michael Hutchinson <m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com>:
> 2009/3/28 Manuel Alejandro Cerón Estrada <ceronman at gmail.com>:
>>> There is a standalong peroject called Mono.UML, though AFAIK it has
>>> not been active in several years.
>> True. The project has been inactive for years. I'm one of the
>> developers of MonoUML. We've been working on a framework for
>> structured graphics that could be the base for this kind of
>> applications. It's called MonoHotDraw
>> (http://www.monouml.org/doku.php?id=monohotdraw)
> Yep, I'm aware of MonoHotDraw.
>>> I don't believe anyone is working on anything in this area at the
>>> moment. I'd be happy to mentor a student who applies for this.
>> I'm applying for the class designer this year.
> Oh, that's excellent news. Are you applying for other projects too?
>>> We are also very interested in a database designer, and I belive that
>>> it would be good to implement a "designer canvas" for visualising
>>> objects with relationships, that could be used for both a database
>>> deigner and a class designer. I'd suggest basing this on Moonlight as
>>> the retained mode 2D canvas. This re-usable component would be a good
>>> mid-term goal, then the class designer could be built on top of it.
>> Moonlight is really cool. But currently its GTK support is not working
>> and work on the top of a project like moonlight is sometimes very
>> difficult. That's why I proposed MHD instead.
> Hmm. What are the issues blocking it? Will they still be blocking it
> when SoC starts? I'd prefer to fix or work around them (and factor
> that into the project evaluation), simply because using Moonlight will
> be easier to develop and mantain going forwards. I'm sure you can get
> up to speed faster using MHD, but maintainability is a big concern
> with SoC projects. In the worst case, you could do much of the work
> inside Silverlight -- which would open up the interesting possibility
> of having the "class explorer" functionality usable on the web :-)
> (I'm not opposed to using MHD, I'd just like to be sure it's the best option)
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