[MonoDevelop] Want to improve monodevelop productivity features forGSoC 2009

Thommy thommy_g at gmx.net
Mon Mar 23 08:02:44 EDT 2009

Oliver, Anirudh,

I'd also offer my help in this, as this is something I really miss so far. 
I, too, can only work in the evenings but I should be able to put on hour 
or another in.


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> features	forGSoC 2009
> Anirudh,        
>                              I&rsquo;m starting to work on 
> the static/ dynamic code analysis stuff at the moment, but I&rsquo;m also 
> new to Mono Develop so can&rsquo;t comment on what the guys are looking 
> for in SOC.        
>                                           I&rsquo;ll tell you a little 
> bit about what I&rsquo;ve been doing for code analysis and what has to be 
> done.        
>                                           I&rsquo;ve already got some 
> structures in place that take a top to bottom list of Declarations, 
> Assignments and References and another structure to hold Scope.        
>                  There&rsquo;s quite a bit of cross referencing between 
> the structures to make everything nice and fast etc&hellip;.        
>                                           These structures should be 
> good enough to.        
>                                           Do all the compiler warnings 
> and errors, invalid assignments, possible null references, use before 
> assignment etc&hellip;        
>                  Extract blocks of code into new methods.        
>                  Highlight usage of a particular variable or function 
> etc&hellip;        
>                  Move variables to inner scope and show the scope of a 
> variable.        
>                  Work out how an undeclared variable / function or class 
> is being used and implement that class / variable.        
>                  Suggest using an interface when appropriate.        
>                                           There are some other features 
> (like declaring / removing using statements) that in part use these 
> structures.        
>                                           To hook the structures into 
> mono develop I need to create a new extension point to build up this new 
> dom (on the bit that processes the results of NRefactor)        
>                                           I also need to do quite a bit 
> of work with the GUI to get everything so that it displays nicely to the 
> user.        
>                                           If the mono develop guys 
> think it would be ok for us to work on this (I can only really do 
> evenings and weekends but I put a fair amount of time in) with a little 
> assistance from one of them (probably the guy who does code completion) 
> then I&rsquo;m quite happy to do that with you.        
>                                           Otherwise, if your doing 
> anything on the list of things I&rsquo;ve mentioned or something similar 
> then we really need some coordination so that we don&rsquo;t end up 
> working on the same thing and end up duplicating work where it&rsquo;s 
> not necessasary.        
> Oliver.        
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> Subject: [MonoDevelop] Want to improve monodevelop productivity features 
> forGSoC 2009        
>                                                   Hi,
>  I'm new to monodevelop, and would like to help improve it as part of the 
> Google summer of code program. I want to try and add several simple and 
> smaller features to the IDE to make development more productive and 
> enjoyable. I'm taking a few ideas from the "Top ten resharper features" 
> thread, and want to implement as many deliverables and contribute to the 
> mono community in the long term, because I see the monodevelop platform 
> as something I will be writing a lot of code on in the near future, and 
> want to get a good grip on it and see if I can help.
>  Ideas:
>  1. Basic refactoring support like:
>    (a) renaming all instances of a symbol over a namespace(something 
> more robust than find and replace), with previews and diffs like it's 
> done in eclipse
>    (b) Extract codeblock into method, extract constants from strings, 
> etc.
>    (c) Anything else you can suggest
>  2. Preliminary warnings while the code is being written, possible type 
> mismatches, symbols out of scope, symbols not found, etc.
>  3. Basic interface for viewing and possibly commenting on bugzilla and 
> trac bug tracking systems using xml-rpc.
>  4. Marking warnings, errors as little marks next to the scroll bars, 
> based on their relative position in the document.
>  5. Anything else you suggest
>  I've got a good deal of programming experience in college, though I'm 
> completely self taught. I have good credentials including summer 
> internships in Google and Microsoft Research. Please give me feedback on 
> these ideas or suggest something else I could work on.
>  Thanks,
>  Anirudh
>  -- 
>  Fourth Year Undergraduate Student, Indian Institute of Technology, 
> Kharagpur
>  E-Mail/jabber/googletalk: anirudh -at- anirudhsanjeev -dot- org
>  Phone: +91-97335-04828
>  My PGP key: anirudhsanjeev.org/pubkey.txt        
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