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Oliver Stieber oliver.stieber at ukplc.net
Mon Mar 23 07:47:46 EDT 2009

It look's like the problems with debugging were because I'm using mono-debugger 2.2.

Deleting the code completion data from ~/.config didn't help, code completion still comes up saying gathering class information. There are lots of new files that get put in ~/.config... when I load a project that references an assembly so something is doing something, it's just not hanging together properly. Any pointers on where to look, I've started by greping the code for the bits that use the generated code completion data.


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	I may write a little addin to force regeneration at the click of a button as some of the assemblies I'm working on are the monodevelop svn where I don't believe that the version number changes for every svn commit.


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Since I posed a similar question, let me share the answers I got.

> I could do to do this because for some reason code completion isn't
> working for referenced meta-compiled assemblies but details about

" MD will not refresh the completion data for assemblies that belong to
packages (such as gtk#) unless the package version changes. You'll have
to manually force the regeneration of the data by deleting the
corresponding .pidb file from ~/.config/MonoDevelop/codecompletiondata.


" Ensure that the updated GTK# assemblies and docs are installed
correctly. Do the updated docs show up in MonoDoc?

If you're using the GTK# version addins to target different version of
GTK# to the one you have installed, be aware these conatin separate stub
dlls for version-specific code completion and compilation.

Michael Hutchinson"

And my wisdom:
If you did anything from source, be careful as to what is in /usr and

Good Luck,

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