[MonoDevelop] Thoughts on Monodevelop's gtk designer:

kev tripzero at nextabyte.com
Wed Mar 18 08:43:35 EDT 2009

Grzegorz Sobanski wrote:
> * kev <tripzero at nextabyte.com> [2009-03-18 11:56]:
>> When designing something like this: http://openice.org/login.png , the
>> fixed container seemed the most intuitive.  You are right though, I
>> don't have any understanding (until now) on how the GTK framework works.
> A quick draft of such window in gtk:
> http://boktor.net/pliki/examples/login.glade
> Border around a window can be made better probably, and other spacings
> probably too. But I hope you get the general idea.
> (Sorry it's in glade, but MD stetic designers crashes on me hard at the
> moment :( )

Thanks,  I'll give it a go.  After I was presented the idea of using a
series of containers to achieve layout, it made sense to me how gtk gui
design is done.

Not intuitive necessarily for the n00b, but RTFM right?


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