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Oliver Stieber oliver.stieber at ukplc.net
Tue Mar 17 13:21:01 EDT 2009

	I may write a little addin to force regeneration at the click of a button as some of the assemblies I'm working on are the monodevelop svn where I don't believe that the version number changes for every svn commit.


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Since I posed a similar question, let me share the answers I got.

> I could do to do this because for some reason code completion isn't
> working for referenced meta-compiled assemblies but details about

" MD will not refresh the completion data for assemblies that belong to
packages (such as gtk#) unless the package version changes. You'll have
to manually force the regeneration of the data by deleting the
corresponding .pidb file from ~/.config/MonoDevelop/codecompletiondata.


" Ensure that the updated GTK# assemblies and docs are installed
correctly. Do the updated docs show up in MonoDoc?

If you're using the GTK# version addins to target different version of
GTK# to the one you have installed, be aware these conatin separate stub
dlls for version-specific code completion and compilation.

Michael Hutchinson"

And my wisdom:
If you did anything from source, be careful as to what is in /usr and

Good Luck,


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